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TEK FUSION GLOBAL, INC. is a mission-focused, rapid solutions and capabilities provider comprised of a diverse team of experts in hardware engineering, software development, systems integration, management, and testing. While our staff includes decades of experience in the US Special Operations community, TFG also emphasizes being resourceful to bridge the gap across Defense, Commercial, and Private sectors, leaving no stone unturned in our search for the best solution to meet and exceed our customer's needs.
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Exhaustive research, meticulous attention to detail, and experience are the key to excellent design.

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Seamlessly integrated systems are a crafted blend of technology and beauty. To us, it is a form of art.

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You depend on us to deliver accurate and reliable results every time. We strive to deliver consistent quality.

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Structured, immersive training empowers you with full confidence in yourself and your equipment.

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Analytical, logistical, technical, administrative, consultation, and more. Let our experience guide you.

Engineering Solutions


Affordable. Innovative. Rapid.

With a blend of former end users and experienced engineering, TFG is a leader in innovated system design and integration, providing rapid, affordable, and comprehensive solutions to operational requirements. TFG's capabilities include design, integration, test, certification, ground and flight training, and complete logistics support solutions.

Mission Management Systems

Mission Management

Your critical mission is our critical mission.

TFG specializes in the design and integration of Mission Management Systems and software applications that help the users manage multiple complex mission capabilities including mapping, video processing, avionics, communications, ground systems, and weapons systems. We are a team of former users who know exactly how a mission system should be.

Testing and Qualification

Test and Qual

Attention to intimate detail builds trust.

All projects, large and small, should undergo the same level of detailed, critical, examination to eliminate risks, ensure operational readiness, and to determine if they are truthy worthy of certification. TFG has developed and successfully implemented a hybrid airworthiness program using DOD and commercial/FAA specifications, along with customer mission and safety requirements.

Full Systems Integration


End-to-end solutions for the full life cycle.

TFG specializes in the integration of Mission Management Systems that help the users manage multiple complex mission capabilities including mapping, video processing, avionics, and weapons to include Hellfire, GAU-19, M134D Mini-guns, and 2.75 Hydra-70 Rockets, and more.

Company Profile

Company Profile

Affordable. Innovative. Rapid.

TEK Fusion Global, Inc., is a multi-service mission-focused company, located in beautiful Williamsburg, Virginia. TFG is comprised of a diverse team of experts in hardware engineering, software development, and integration, including decades of experience in the US Special Operations community.

Program Management

Program ManagementExperience, competance, and accountability.

The diverse backgrounds and multitude of experience in civil and government programs shared by TFG's executive and management teams ensures that your project will plan, execute, and finish smoothly. We make your priorities our priorities, and communicate transparently and consistently, throughout the full cycle.

Trade and Export Compliance (ITAR)

Export compliance is the responsibility of each employee and a top priority of the TFG management team. Our ability to deliver the best technical solutions, anywhere in the world, depends on our active compliance with all applicable export, import and other trade compliance laws and regulations of all countries in which we operate.

Tek Fusion Global, Inc. ensures compliance with the following regulatory guidance:

War, insurgencies, and global instability have forced military and civil organizations around the world to rethink the approach to tactical and operational conditions by embracing leading-edge technology to enhance traditional capabilities. With a maturing technology marketplace, countless opportunities arise to implement the newest high-tech solutions for unique challenges that have long faced governments and private organizations supporting the tactical and operational environment.

Quite often these new technologies result in increased complexity and user workload, potentially reducing operational safety and mission effectiveness. TFG overcomes these challenges using our mantra:

"Creating Solutions by Merging Technologies"

We believe mature, reliable technologies and seamless integration are a modern day work of art.
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TFG designs for the end user.

User-Centered Design starts with experience and accountability. That's our opinion, anyway. At TFG, we are former users who share in frustration at loose concepts rushed to the market before they are truly ready. Self-driven business goals, over-hyped capabilities, and inflated features have become the trademark of many of our competitors, and that is exactly what we have set out to change.

If a commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) system isn't the right solution, our software and hardware engineering team will design and develop a custom solution that increases the mission effectiveness of the entire integration. With the ability to integrate most COTS components with custom hardware and software, TFG's engineering team has the unique and diverse skill to provide the best package for the mission. TFG can develop a system from the component-level design and specification, through software design and development.

With our strong QA and Test Pilot team, we can also design and complete the testing required to make sure the MMS does everything it's supposed to do, and nothing it isn't. Then, we'll train you how to use it effectively, and support you on into the future.

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TFG specializes in seamless integration.

From initial concept, through definition and design, all the way to airworthiness testing and field support, our team provides complete solutions to meet and maintain mission requirements, including:

Program Management (SOW through Field Support)
Defining requirements based on mission and end-user pilot/maintainer experience
Holistic integration design including COTS and custom system options

As experts in complete aircraft integration, the TFG team has decades of experience integrating civil and government mission equipment and all types of fixed and rotary wing aircraft for every kind of mission. We can manage and implement aircraft integration programs, from equipment and airframe selection, through modification, ground/flight testing and airworthiness qualification, to air/ground crew training and airframe sustainment, including these systems:

Cockpit Mission Management
Enhanced Navigation
Navigation and Mapping
LoS/OH Communications
Pre-Mission Planning Systems
Sensors and Full ISR Suites
Post-Mission Analysis Systems
Intelligence Collection
Airborne Video/Datalinks
Special Mission Equipment
Aircraft Survivability Equipment
NVIS Integration

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Trust is earned. Put TFG to the test.

Even the best solutions have to be proven. You may have trusted someone to deliver once before and learned the hard way that trust must be demonstrated and earned. In order to earn your trust, we test our designs with expert user knowledge, customer input, inuitive methodology, to the limit of our ability, until WE trust them first.

From software requirements and hardware design specifications, on through final box-level and system integration ground and flight testing, our detail-oriented Quality Assurance team ensures that TFG consistently delivers high quality products, fully tested, and meeting the customer's required specifications.


Airworthiness testing and qualification you can trust with customized process management for a single airframe or an entire Fleet. TFG has developed and successfully implemented a hybrid airworthiness program using DOD and commercial/FAA specifications, along with customer mission and safety requirements. This system-safety based approach provides the flexibility required to target evaluation and testing efforts to meet an acceptable level of safety using a consistent and monitored airworthiness standardization program.

Training and Documentation

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Without structured training, even the best integrations can be ineffective. Experienced technical professionals know that unless the end-users learn to fully exercise a system's capabilities, they are potentially underutilizing your investment, or worse, run the risk of damage, injury, or liability.

TFG provides coomprehensive training solutions including classroom based training, full Electronic Learning Management Systems (ELMS), and both simple and/or advanced simulations platforms such as Technical Task Trainers, Full or Partial Cockpit simulators, or Distributed Interactive Simulations (DIS) type systems.

With every integration, TFG can help specify and develop custom training solutions to fit your audience, whether it be instructor-led classroom training, hands-on mentorship, or ground procedure training, for your end-users, customers, instructors, crews, and maintainers.

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At your side, from beginning to end.

Our Program Management team will make it happen. Whether the customer requires a turnkey solution, or just some assistance with a few key tasks within the selected integration, our Program Management team will manage as much (or as little) of the integration program as required to make it a success. With years of experience in aircraft integration, test plan development, systems testing (flight and ground), documentation, and overall project management with diverse partners and subcontractors, TFG will get it done, and done right.

We strive to find the best solution to meet all requirements, including schedule and budget. We understand that the best solution can vary from a simple integration of an off-the-shelf system to a full mission package integration with customized hardware and software. Our team works closely with the customer's team to become partners in defining and solving all mission requirements. The improves the decision process by helping us better understand the mission, and helping the customer understand the options in detail.

Each of the below items are critical elements in managing your project successfully. Expertly identifying and understanding how these impact your requirements is the foundation for every project we do. Defining exactly what each of our stakeholders (end-users, customers, suppliers, developers, and business partners) need, and delivering it on time, in budget, and right the first time, is our commitment to you.

Requirement Scope
We are dedicated to excellence in design and implementation, every step of the way.